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How To Prepare For A Hysterectomy

The very first way you prepare for a hysterectomy is making the decision to move forward. You have completed your research and understand why it will be beneficial. You will get relief from heavy bleeding, pain, or some other medical condition, and you believe your life will change for the better. From the time you set the date for surgery, let’s look at how to prepare for a hysterectomy both mentally and physically.

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Why Are Routine Mammograms So Important?

One of the most important imaging tools physicians have at their disposal is a mammogram. They have become vitally important because they save lives. They are so important we now can get one on a mobile mammography bus. Important enough that it’s women’s healthcare practically coming to your door, but why are routine mammograms so important?

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Farewell Dr. Steven Coyle

Dear Patients,Steven G. Coyle, MD, FACOG

It is with mixed emotions that I inform you of my intention to retire at the end of September. It has been my privilege to provide medical care to you over these many years, and I will miss you. I recently sold my home in Ojai, and my wife and I have relocated to Palm Desert.

I am glad that Dr. Gustafson and Dr. Reisman will continue to practice at our location along with Wendy Margolis, Wendy Steiger, Anne Chezar-Garnett, and our wonderful office staff. I am confident that they will take excellent care of you.

I thank you again for being a patient of mine and wish you the best.


Steven Coyle, MD, FACOG

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