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5 Stars

18 Reviews | Average Rating: 5

5 Stars

I chose Anne Chezar Garnett to be my delivery midwife for my second child in 1990 after having a terrible experience with the doctor who delivered my first. I wanted a whole different experience and wanted a woman. She was wonderful then and she has been a professional I can trust and talk woman to woman with since then. I can't say enough about her loving and compassionate care.

5 Stars

Had great experience here for my prenatal care and 2 births at the hospital. Thank you Dr. Gus for the quick delivery of my girl and Dr. Coyle for keeping me out of the C-section room for my little boy! The ladies in the office are amazing!

5 Stars

I am so glad I found this place! I hate having my yearly women exam done by a male. And this office has certified Midwives that can do it. Not only that but I found Ann!!! She was the midwife that delivered my son 14 years ago. I loved her then and still love her now. She makes all the uncomfortableness go away. We love to chat about how big my son has gotten. The staff is so very kind, clean and warm. If your a woman, go here!

5 Stars

My wife and I visited dr coyle for our first time and he was very personable and welcoming in our first meeting. He took the time to answer all our questions and never rushed us. The staff has been very respectful and informative as well. We've had friends who have delivered with dr coyle and all have had great things to say about him. So, so far, we are glad we've chosen him, and his colleagues to guide us with our first child.

5 Stars

I've been going to this office since the early 80's and the doctors are wonderful...the staff is friendly and gets really busy but it's worth the wait! I would highly recommend this practice to anyone...always caring and professional.

5 Stars

I have the best of both worlds with Dr Miki Takase-Sanchez. I have the utmost confidence in her vast knowledge and expertise to treat my urinary incontinence while feeling so at ease with her, as if I were being treated by my own sister. Dr Takase-Sanchez talks and walks through procedures and surgery in such a way that I understand. Good doctor and a lovely person. I am a happy patient with a successful surgery and I have told all my friends about Dr. Takase-Sanchez!

5 Stars

Wendy Steiger, CNM helped me to achieve the birth experience I had always hoped for with my second child. She was kind, attentive and calm throughout my quick second birth. The 'massaging' of the stomach/uterus after birth was a nightmare first time around but Wendy was gentle and thoughtful, allowing me to bond, cuddle and nurse my new baby immediately after birth. I'm so pleased Wendy was there for me to deliver my child. This is a wonderful medical practice. Everyone of the staff is warm and friendly and I would highly recommend!

5 Stars


I am a new patient I have only been seeing Dr. Gus for 6 months, after having a sub-par experience with another local Gynecologist, I was about to give up and just deal with the pain and menorrhagia until I hit menopause.

I am 5 days out from having my surgery, I could not be more pleased with how well I am recovering.

I cannot say enough about this truly amazing man, doctor, human being and I mean all 3! He is extremely caring, he listens, he is direct and effective AND he is there for his patients. I am so impressed with his knowledge detail and punctuality.

I apologize for not remembering every staff members name but they are all amazing, very kind and caring. I highly recommend his staff and services without hesitation.

Thank you**** Dr. Gustafson*** for taking such great care of me!! bmerritt

5 Stars

Dr. Jill Hall helped me to decide what to do for a prolapsed uterus which was making daily life miserable for me. I could not exercise, walk very far, stand at cocktail parties, or garden without great discomfort from my prolapsed uterus. I did not want to do surgery if I could avoid it. The pessary insertion has given me back a normal life. I feel no discomfort when it is in and can do all of my normal activities once again. Dr.Hall encouraged me to try the pessary as my best option. I was nervous about it, but she calmed my fears. Thanks you, Dr. Hall.

5 Stars

Its been over a year since my daughter was born, but I just want to say what am amazing experience I had working with Wendy Steiger Midwife. I really wanted a natural birth with my second and despite my pleas for intervention during advanced labor, she kept me on track and i am so grateful. Her support and guidance through labor and delivery was above and beyond. it is definitely an experience i will never forget and do not ever want to forget! Thank you again, Wendy!

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