In-Office Gynecology Procedures in Ventura, CA

As gynecologists, we are trained to evaluate all female problems and concerns. Some women may require medications to improve their symptoms, while others may need simple procedures or even surgery. We will offer all alternative treatments, fully explaining them to you and guiding you through the process. We will be your partner in your health care decisions and continue to care for you after your recovery. Our gynecology specialists are experts in performing numerous in-office procedures. If you are in need of gynecologic care and live in Ventura, Santa Barbra, Thousand Oaks, or Oxnard, Call for an appointment today.

If you have symptoms or questions about symptoms that are concerning to you, please call to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss all possible options.

In-Office Procedures We Provide:

LEEP – In Hospital Only

Women who have a Pap smear showing abnormal cells in their cervix may find that their physician will suggest an electrosurgical procedure commonly called LEEP to remove those cells. This minimally invasive procedure uses a thin wire loop through which an electric current is passed to remove a thin layer of tissue containing the abnormal cells. The procedure is performed in a doctor’s office and seldom takes more than a few moments.

After a local anesthesia is administered, the thin wire loop is inserted into the vagina and to the cervix. Electrical current is applied to the loop and the loop acts as a scalpel to remove the abnormal tissue. The tissue is then evaluated to make or confirm a diagnosis. Other procedures can be used to remove the abnormal cells and include:

  • cryosurgery
  • laser treatment
  • cone biopsy

However, the actual procedure used depends upon how much tissue needs to be removed and where the cells are located on the cervix. Recovery time usual takes several weeks. Like all procedures LEEP does have some risks so it is important to understand them before having the procedure.

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Endometrial Biopsy

An endometrial biopsy is a way for your doctor to take a small sample of the lining of the uterus (endometrium). The sample is looked at under the microscope for abnormal cells.

Your doctor will use a small strawlike device (pipette) to remove a small sample of the lining of the uterus. This method only takes a few minutes in the office with little discomfort.

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Vaginal and Cervical Colposcopy

Colposcopy is a way for your doctor to use a special magnifying device to look at your vulva, vagina, and cervix. If a problem is seen during colposcopy, a small sample of tissue (biopsy) may be taken from the cervix or from inside the opening of the cervix (endocervical canal). The sample is then looked at under a microscope.

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If you would like more information about any of these procedures please call  (805) 643-8695 to schedule an appointment with one of our providers.

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